Wu Xing

Wu Xing is named after the 5 elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Metal, and Fire. For this collection, I created 5 different colours surrounding each element to form 5 mini-themes. Each element is associated with different aspects of nature which I've incorporated into the mini-themes. Each association is not only related to its own element but I've chosen to link them between each element, by either the type of product finish, or product itself. 

Element: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, and Earth 
- Matte toned eyeshadows

Heavenly Creature: Vermillion Bird, Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, White Tiger, and Yellow Dragon 
- High shimmer and duochrome eyeshadows

Form: Ascension, Expansion, Contraction, Descension, and Harmony 
- Low shimmer and colour shifting eyeshadows

Phase: Full Yin, New Yin, Full Yang, New Yang, and Yin/Yang 
- Blushes

Cardinal Direction: South, East, North, West, and Center 
- Lipsticks

All the colours within an element can be used together to create a look - similar to what I do with Visage.