The Wu Xing Collection

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All the colours from your favourite element from the Wu Xing collection. All sets include 3 full sized eyeshadows with artwork, 1 halfling sized blush, and 1 slimline lipstick. 

Fire: Eyeshadows: Fire, Vermillion Bird, Ascension; Blush: Full Yin; Lipstick: South

Wood: Eyeshadows: Wood, Azure Dragon, Expansion; Blush: New Yin; Lipstick: East

Water: Eyeshadows: Water, Black Tortoise, Contraction; Blush: Full Yang; Lipstick: North

Metal: Eyeshadows: Metal, White Tiger, Descension; Blush: New Yang; Lipstick: West

Earth: Eyeshadows: Earth, Yellow Dragon, Harmony; Blush: Ying/Yang; Lipstick: Center