The Red Apple Collection

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The entire Red Apple Collection for your choosing.

Purchasing the Lipstick Set gets you all three lip colours from the Red Apple Collection: Vanity and Beauty, The Secret Room, and Through Thorns 

Purchasing the Eyeshadow Set gets you all 22 eyeshadows from the Red Apple Collection in either sample, halfling, or full sizes. Receive a 10% discount on halfling and full sized sets!

Sizes: Sample sizes are about 1/8 tsp of eyeshadow deposited into a small baggy. Halflings are about 1/3 tsp in a 3 gram jar. Full sizes are about 3/4 tsp (or 2 grams) of product in a jar with a sifter provided. 

Please note that Halfling sizes do NOT come with custom cover art on them and instead feature the standard Hello Waffle logo. 

Please refer to individual listings for size and ingredient information.