Hello Waffle works with talented artists for our label art.

  • Logo (Original): Carrie D.
  • Logo (2016): Lena 
  • Logo (2016 - present): Lena and Claire B.
  • The Wu Xing Collection: Wendy 
  • The Musician Collection: Carrie D.
  • The Catssic Literature Collection: Lena
  • The Greek Gods and Goddesses Collection: Lena 
  • The Painted Flowers Collection: Angeline R. from
  • The Persinette Collection: Angeline R. from
  • The Red Apple Collection: Angeline R. from
  • The Elements Lip Paint Collection (discontinued): Angeline R. from
  • The Duchess Collection (Discontinued): Monica C.
  • The Ouroboros Collection (Discontinued): Lena
  • The Alternate Universe Collection (Discontinued): Monica C.
  • 2015 Visage Label Art: Hannah from Graphitist Portraiture and Illustration.
  • 2016 Visage Label Art: Wendy Y. from
  • Swatches: Christine and Mollie from