About Us


"Hello Waffle."   

It's a phrase commonly said in the Hello Waffle household, usually uttered in surprise to the resident cat - a well-fed, extremely friendly gray Korat cat named Waffle, who likes to hide around corners and who seems to believe he belongs to the canine species.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics was founded in 2014 by recent university graduate and current economics and social science recruit, Christine (Left!). Hello Waffle specializes in handmade cosmetics with unique, proprietary and award-winning formulas. Christine bases her inspiration off fairytales - as she puts it: "Everyone loves a great story." 

Christine stepped down from Hello Waffle in August 2017 to focus on an exciting career opportunity, handing ownership of the company to Caitlin (Right!) and the Shiro Cosmetics team. Products are currently handmade in and shipped from the United States, using all of Christine's original formulas and techniques to ensure the same quality and consistency which Hello Waffle has been known for since its inception.

Hello Waffle is ever-expanding and also produces and distributes for Howl Cosmetics, a long-wearing lipstick brand focusing on adventurous beauty.